Figurative Narrative

Earlier Work

I began creating original work as a self-taught artist in 1995. From the beginning, my style flowed through me naturally. Some of my earliest influences included the language of cinematic narratives, American black jazz and Afro-Cuban music, and urban life in Mexico City, all tinted by an oneiric perception of life. Though I had some clear influences and a strong style, honestly, back then I was not working with a clear artist’s statement and the works in these collections, though brimming with life, are also a reflection of my own path of self-discovery.

My professional path as a painter started serendipitously. While studying communications at Universidad Iberoamericana, a colleague who saw my backdrop work on a short film for the school commissioned my first painting. Soon after, I developed my very first body of work to be exhibited at Museo de Culturas Populares in Mexico City. In 1996 I got my first opportunity to participate as the artist for a film, contributing artwork to an animated short entitled “Four Ways to Cover a Whole.” The film received an official selection for Cannes Festival. That was just the beginning of a life-long passion for art in filmmaking, but before I would return to film I had a lot more exhibition painting ahead of me.