The nature of public and site-specific art engages all of my personal skills and artistic knowledge in service of an external community. All of the works on this page were commissioned by an agency, an organization, or a private client; I emphasize collaborative authorship, openness to their needs, and mutual engagement during the gestation of ideas. In some ways, this is a liberating experience as I explore the essence of a community or organization and represent those ideals without withholding my own ideology and artistic voice. My vision, my style, and my singular mark are inevitably expressed in every piece I create. The predetermined space designated for the artwork plays an equally important part in my creative process, as the evaluation of local architecture, physical light conditions, cultural environment, and social context all inform my creative parameters. I know from experience that building high-level infrastructure is a collective, long-term undertaking and involves many levels of discipline, creativity, patience, and strong communication. The projects below reflect the culmination of this process, where my imagination fuels coordination with these elements to successfully integrate my artistic vision within a defined space.

Some of my clients:

DDB Agency
Miramax Films
Talavera Miami
G2 Design USA
Brown-Forman Corporation
Jack Daniel's Brand

Guna Foundation
Pachamama Alliance
Jaguar Hospitality Group
The City of Louisville
Miami-Dade County

Van Acker Construction
Compagnia Finzi Pasca
Ciudad de Mexico
Ciudad de Queretaro
Ciudad de Leon, Mexico