In 2002 I moved with my wife and daughter to the U.S. My life in the new country and landscape brought about a whole new series entitled “Road Series—A Collection of Landscapes.”

I view the painting process as a portal to my interior life, as well as a response to my environment and global events. From 2002 to 2006 I lived in Louisville, Kentucky. The Midwest geography inspired an investigation centered on nature’s representation of duality and how the horizon establishes the grandest expression of a boundary. This perception of form between two masses with a clear circumscription of volume, color, and texture, are the guiding force in my work. Meandering through these landscapes, I did not desire to depict nature in its realistic form, but rather I hungered to create oneiric atmospheres and landforms that represented duality itself, as well as the duality that emerges in our mental maps. The nature I present is austere, with as little information as possible other than the openness of a block of earth or water in dialogue with the block above, the sky. Yet, layered on top of this dualistic conversation, chaotic dashes mimic the blinking, continuous movement in our perception, like the blinks of an old movie, and offer the viewer a redeeming sense of impermanence and change.