My work explores the meditative states of the mind. I paint screens of an empty mind – the formless consciousness resting right before thought or emotion has risen.

I strive to translate the experiences of inner stillness and quietude into a vibrant panel with undefined masses of color, soft edges, fades, texture and thin brush marks. This is a visual diary – a reminder that we have access to these quiet worlds amidst the obligations and hassles of our daily lives.

I am fascinated by an interactive layering which tends to form a glow that emulates an awakening – light beginning to come through. The foggy and translucent qualities of my paintings suggest a sense of rest. When the organic rhythms and color relationships meet and interact on the wooden boards I find the creative balance between serendipity and directionality. The inspiration of this work comes from my meditation practice and the influence of several abstract expressionist artist like Rothko Newman and Richter.

My technique, which involves sequences of construction, destruction, and reconstruction, reflects my fascination with the fleeting experience of perception. The fast brush strokes intend to add the same sense of impermanence of life.

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